Somatic therapy in Seattle
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Healing in relationship with body, mind and soul.



My approach is oriented to collaboration, support, and listening to the wisdom of the body. Our goals may include the expansion of your comfort with your emotional world, the easing of anxiety, the increase of your capacity for joyful and compassionate presence in the world, and liberation from old patterns of stuckness or frustrating interactions. Together we will support the emergence of your most powerful self.

Healing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing

Many of us carry the record of past traumas in our bodies. The impact of unprocessed trauma may include chronic anxiety, PTSD, difficulty in relationships, and other struggles. With Somatic Experiencing, we pay close attention to the body's reports, following and re-wiring the nervous system's response to trauma to connect more closely to our strength, resources, and natural ability to heal and come to peace.

Lifespan Integration

This is a therapeutic technique to encounter the impact of specific trauma in your life. With Lifespan Integration, we will introduce all the resources of your present, adult self to the needs of your younger ego state in trauma. These sessions require special preparation and a slightly longer session time--contact me for more details if you are interested in engaging with this powerful trauma-healing work.