Somatic therapy in Seattle

About Alissa

About Alissa


Alissa Tyka, MA, LMHCA


If you’re feeling stuck, I’m here to help. Lots of things can get in our way as we navigate the river of life—anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, relationship difficulties—and that’s even before we encounter the logistical, physical challenges of existing in the world, in this culture with its oppressive assumptions about how we are supposed to show up and operate. Therapy can help us grapple with some of the internal blocks in preparation for encountering the external challenges of the world we live in.

My approach is oriented to collaboration, support, and listening to the wisdom of the body. We’ll take a look at the reflexive responses and habits of your nervous system that may have supported you in the past, but that now you’d like to evolve. We will introduce ourselves to the parts of you that may not have been able to feel completely heard before, and start addressing their needs. We can work to re-negotiate the patterns that past trauma may have introduced to your thinking and emotions. We will move forward at your pace and as you feel safe; I strongly believe this important work cannot be rushed.

I work with adults, adolescents, couples and families. I welcome all races, diverse genders, sexual orientations, and family configurations, and others that may be less acknowledged in mainstream society. In addition to more conventional talk therapies, CBT, and structural family therapy, I am trained in the physically-oriented trauma healing modalities of Somatic Experiencing and Lifespan Integration. I received my Masters in Counseling from the LIOS program of Saybrook University.